Shiyla Goodie, second from left, with fellow NAACP charter members (from left to right) Janelle Pichon, Charity Hawkins, adviser Steven Goings, Bridgette Johnson, Larenz Tolson, Sheena Nickerson, Asia Goodall, and Kymberly Shavers

Shiyla Goodie described attending the NAACP’s national conference in Houston this year as “a life-changing experience.” She’d spent the previous semester organizing potential members and filing stacks of paperwork in order to establish an official NAACP chapter at CSUMB. In Houston, Shiyla witnessed thousands of people from all over the country working together to advance civil rights and saw firsthand how she and her fellow students could contribute to the NAACP’s mission. “There is power in numbers when people come together,” she said.

The CSUMB chapter was chartered on July 26, and members held their inaugural meeting Sept. 7, with Shiyla presiding as chapter president. Now, the group is moving ahead with educational activities for the campus and service projects in the local community. For example, they’ve partnered with The Village Project, a local nonprofit, to provide mentoring services to local youth who have exhibited behavior problems.

Shiyla’s academic interests are aligned with her extracurriculars. A psychology major with a minor in journalism and media studies, Shiyla is engaged in research on the way television depicts marital roles and the influence that has on the perception of marriage among African American young adults. She hopes to expand on this research in graduate school.

– Liz MacDonald