Term: July 2012-June 2013

Degree:  Telecommunications, Multimedia, and Applied Computing B.S.

Hometowns: San Jose and Hollister, now lives in Marina

Job: Technical Sales Director for Evolution Circuits

Motto: “Get ugly early,” meaning don’t procrastinate. When you do what you need to early, all that’s left is the stuff you enjoy.

Little known fact: Started out as a Liberal Studies major

Faculty mentor: Dr. Eric Tao. As a student I always went to him for advice and help. I would not have taken some of the courses I did without his guidance or wish to give back to CSUMB as much as I am now without his motivation to do the same.

Mission as board president: Keeping the school spirit alive in fellow alumni through events such as reunion weekend and sharing the story of CSUMB graduates doing absolutely amazing things in the world.

Memorable CSUMB moments: Working as an RA and doing the “Sex Talk” program in which students ask about being safe, general dating questions, advice, etc. It was completely anonymous. Some of the questions were hilarious, some serious. But every discussion was awesome. Sometimes people laughed so hard they cried. It was a very good program and people still talk about what they remember from it. It is exciting to know we did something people still talk about.

Also, the moment of silence between just ending my capstone presentation and the applause after. It was this very moment that I knew things would never be the same, but they will be better. It was a rush of emotion and a feeling of deep accomplishment. I loved that moment!

Advice for current students: Never fall behind. Stay ahead of what you need to do or accomplish.